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Everything you need to safely pay your subcontractors

Manual billing, payment, and compliance review processes expose you to risk and hide revenue generating opportunities. Flashtract helps general contractors reduce legal and financial risk while monitoring for additional revenue opportunities within your existing workflows.

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Save time by not manually checking for missing documents and math errors.

Flashtract does all of the payment application math for you and your subcontractors. Any required documents are then generated with all of the information needed so you can be confident things are right, every time.

General contractors: lock down the system so subcontractors cannot make billing mistakes.

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Subcontractors: input your clients requirements once and never have to worry about them again.

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Pay app, lien waiver, insurance billing requirements for subcontractors
A diagram showing how realtime profits can increase with flashtract's construction billing network and software

Gain real-time profitability insights with standardized processes across jobs.

When you rely on different processes run by different teams, problems occur, teams get frustrated, progress halts. With construction billing and payment software, you stop financial problems before they get to you.

Making life easier on your clients and subcontractors, makes life easier on you.

You want to be easy to work with. That starts by ensuring that there is little back and forth over money. With thousands of partners in the network your clients and subcontractors are giving your competitors that advantage the longer you wait.

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A digram showing how the Flashtract communication cycle works with GCs, subs, field staff and office staff

Grow efficiently by maximizing the ROI of your team and your systems.

We are not an accounting or ERP system.

We are not a project management system.

We are the bridge between your systems that allows your team to do more work with less effort by plugging in to your existing systems and supercharging your processes.

More secure. Less work.
Electronic payment management gets work done faster.

Exchange Unconditional Lien Waivers
You have rights. They have rights. Ensure that you are protected with flawless unconditional lien waiver exchange.
Automatically Check Compliance Statuses
Get alerted and seamlessly notify subcontractors before their compliance items expire.
Securely Manage Payment Information
Phishing and fraud are at all time highs and construction is one of the most targeted industries. Lock down the way you manage client, partner, and vendor payment information.
Billing and payment dashboard for general contractors to electronically pay subcontractors

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