Stop chasing, collect accurate lien waivers automatically

Tracking down conditional waivers with every bill, and collecting unconditional waivers each month slows down your team, results in billing delays to your owners, and exposes your company to massive amounts of lien risks.

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Enforce lien waivers to be submitted with every payment application

Flashtract generates and collects custom lien waivers for your subcontractors on your forms with every invoice. Seamlessly exchange payment for unconditional lien waivers held securely in our waiver vault.

Seamlessly exchange payment for unconditional waivers

Unconditional waivers are held securely in our waiver vault until payment is made.

Have subcontractor lien waivers at your fingertips

Store all lien waivers in Flashtract and have quick access to the backup up you need to bill your client.

Custom lien waiver forms

Any state, any owner, any form. Give us the templates you need and we will generate them for your subcontractors.

Enforce waiver collection at invoice submission

Guarantee accurate lien waivers with every invoice. Flashtract populates lien waivers automatically so no need to check for dates, signatures or dollar values ever again.

Flashtract has been a great system for my company. It helps me collect lien waivers and other required documents with every subcontractor billing without me having to send multiple emails and make several calls.
Lee Strickland

CFO at Cooper Construction


Exchange seamlessly

Generating, sending, collecting, and tracking missing unconditional lien waivers each month is a time sink.

Collect unconditional lien waivers with every invoice, instantly.

Unconditional waivers stored securely in vault until payment is made.

Regain control, have the waivers you need to get paid from your owner at your fingertips without being held up from subcontractors.

Pay app, lien waiver, insurance billing requirements for subcontractors

Ensure accuracy

Humans make mistakes. Manually reviewing and correcting errors on lien waivers leads to avoidable issues.

Insure information on waivers is accurate every time.

Generate forms based on vendor or project requirements.

Eliminate manual review and rework for your team and subcontractor.


Ditch your spreadsheets

Employees get sick, retire, or take new jobs. Asking your team to track waivers through spreadsheets is opening your business to risk.

Automate tracking and collection.

Enforce collection with every invoice.

Easily view and manage lien waivers.

Payment application cover sheet and schedule of values continuation sheet


lien waiver accuracy


reduction in tracking


subcontractor satisfaction rating


Flashtract Platform


Mitigate the risk of missing or incorrect documentation

Reduce rework on invoices by letting the software scan for mistakes, so you can focus on the big picture.

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payment Management

Gain visibility into the status of every invoice for a given period

No more “missing” invoices in inboxes. See a global picture across your organization for where action is needed.

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unconditional waiver vault

Stop chasing, collect accurate lien waivers automatically

Never have a missing lien waiver. Enforce lien waivers to be submitted with every payment application.

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