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General Contractors

What happens if I reject your subcontractor's payment application?

Flashtract will immediately send an email notification to you and the subcontractor with comments left by the declining party, allowing the subcontractor to quickly make the requested changes.

What happens when I approve my subcontractor's pay request?

Once approved, subs are notified in-app and via email and accounting receives copies of all approved documents.

How does Flashtract expedite the approval and billing process for a general contractor?

Flashtract’s general contractor billing software eliminates subcontractor billing errors by automatically calculating billing amounts for subcontractors after they input their labor and materials costs. Flashtract stores all subcontractor pay apps and lien waivers in one place so they can be easily approved with a single click.

Can I pay my subcontractors with a paper check?

Yes, we’re flexible to subcontractor payment preferences.

Does Flashtract integrate with my existing accounting software?

Flashtract integrates with popular accounting, ERP, and project management solutions.

What happens if a subcontractor I work with is unwilling to use Flashtract?

Flashtract allows general contractors to bill on behalf of subcontractors if they are unable to use the Flashtract system. Additionally, 100% of all subcontractors that go through training successfully use the app.

All Users

Who can have a Flashtract account?

Flashtract’s construction payment software was built for subcontractors and general contractors. Subcontractors get paid faster and spend less time on pay apps. In the same app, general contractors can collect, review, and approve subcontractor pay apps, lien waivers, and other required billing documents in seconds.

How does Flashtract collect lien waivers?

When the sub goes to submit a pay app, a required lien waiver is automatically generated with project and billing specific data.

How does Flashtract protect my personal information?

Flashtract’s software is encrypted by SSL, a bank grade global security standard, to encrypt all your personal and financial data. All documents are protected with server-side SHA encryption technology.If you have any additional security related questions please see our security page or contact one of our experts.

How much project information is available to each user on Flashtract?

Flashtract’s payment management software segments project information so that confidential data is only visible to the relevant parties. So, each user sees what has been shared with them, nothing more.

Does Flashtract integrate with my existing accounting software?

Flashtract integrates with popular accounting, ERP, and project management solutions.

Does it cost more to add additional team members to Flashtract?

No, You can add as many internal users as you like, at no additional cost. Flashtract is designed with collaboration in mind.

Do you have to download anything to use Flashtract?

No, Flashtract’s construction payment technology is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from any browser.

Can I use Flashtract on my mobile device, iPad, or laptop?

Yes, Flashtract can be used on any device as long as you have internet or a mobile data connection.

What if I'm having technical issues as a user?

Flashtract offers all users unlimited support via phone at (866) 777-1540 or email at, in addition to in-app chat.

If my computer crashes will I lose any project information?

No, all of your information is stored in Flashtract’s cloud so no matter what happens to your computer, phone, or tablet your critical data is securely stored and backed up.

What happens to my documents after a project ends?

Flashtract provides unlimited storage, so billing documents can be referenced at any time.

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