What we do

We are not just building another piece of software. We are building the network for construction billing and payments.

Connections are everything to us and at the root of all connections are people. We value the relationships with our team, partners, and most importantly our customers.

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the network
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us each month
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Flashtract celebrating the summer with a team get-together!
Flashtract team after work
The flashtract team at a conference
Birthdays with the Flashtract team
The flashtract team celebrating winter holidays
Celebrating the summer at Flashtract

Be easy to work with

To us, being easy to work with means we are problem solvers and helpers both internally and externally. People first, software second. We are transparent and direct to drive personal and team growth.

Hammer it

Wow people with our work through speed, quality, and the way we treat each other while getting it done.

Own the results

We practice extreme ownership in our wins and our failures. We expect a say:do ratio of 1:1 and let the results speak for themselves. We believe in giving people the autonomy to try new things and the space to fail to accelerate learning.

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