Automate 82% of your billing, payment, and compliance process.

Do more work with less effort by saving your team time and mental bandwidth.

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Subcontractors with outstanding payment applications, lien waivers, and compliance documents.
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Every month you get bombarded with dozens of subcontractor payment applications.

An example of frequent billing errors in construction

Then you spend weeks getting things sorted out.

Correcting math errors
You constantly deal with overbilled line items, missing lien waivers, unapproved change orders, and missing compliance documents. It all takes days of your time to track down and get corrected.
Entering data into accounting and project management tools
Manual entry and copying from forms to your tools is risky, time-consuming, and unfulfilling work.
Collecting unconditional lien waivers
Waiting for signatures, incorrect dates,  too many back and forth emails. Keeping track of unconditionals is unnecessarily time-consuming.
Managing and sending payments
Tracking approvals and holds is disorganized and sending checks or payment files is clunky. If you are doing this manually, the risk of a mistake is unavoidable.
Checking insurance status
Keeping track of compliance statuses in binders or your accounting software is risky and challenging. Manually checking expiration dates every month is just too much work.
Communicating payment statuses
"Has it been approved?", "When will I get paid?" and "Where is the check?" Unfortunately, you can't always find the answer to these constantly asked questions.

Join 1,000s of other contractors and put your process on autopilot

Our network of general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers,  owners, and developers connects people, information and capital on construction projects.

Get full control of your subs with custom billing rules and documents.

Create a billing checklist that your subcontractors take step by step. Enforce billing rules so that you always get the right documents, the first time.

Customize rules to meet your internal or clients' requirements.

Use rule scenarios to conditionally apply rules.

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Pay app, lien waiver, insurance billing requirements for subcontractors

Your subcontractors are already using us. Invite them to your project.

Subcontractors across the country use our software whether their general contractor is asking them to or not. 9/10 subcontractors prefer working with general contractors that use an online construction billing and payment software.

You may think that your subs won't use a system like this, but with a 99.9% adoption rate, we guarantee they will or your money back.

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Get perfect pay apps, every time.

Our auto document generation technology means you never have to worry about math errors or missing fields on payment applications or lien waivers. With enforceable document rules, subs cannot submit without meeting your requirements.
This means that when subcontractor pay apps and lien waivers get to you, they are error-free every time.

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Distribute payments quickly. Forget about fraud.

Collect Unconditional Lien Waivers
Stop stuffing envelopes or sending email attachments. Seamlessly generate, send, and track subcontractors' unconditional lien waivers across all of your jobs.
Automated Compliance Tracking
Collect compliance requirements before your subcontractors get started on the job and automatically notify them when they fall out of compliance.
Securely Distribute ACH Payments
Securely store and maintain account information so that you can confidently pay your subcontractors knowing approvals are complete and all the documentation has been collected.
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A diagram showing Flashtract's Integrations like procore, viewpoint vista, sage 300 and excel

All of your data is there. Get started in minutes by connecting to your existing tools.

Streamline the approval process of time-sensitive information, increase visibility across internal teams, and reduce human error by eliminating manual data entry.

Get Flashtract before the next billing period...

Most companies start billing around the 15th of each month.

Avoid another month of chaos by getting started today.









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How much time can this save me?

Most of our customers save anywhere from 30-60 minutes per payment application. This includes reviewing the pay app, lien waiver, checking insurance, coordinating corrections with subs and entering data into accounting and project management systems.

Will my subcontractors use this?

We have an entire team dedicated helping your subcontractors get started. With over 3,000 contractors, we have a 99% success rate with subcontractors.

How much does this cost?

Our cost scales with your company so that you only pay for what you need. In order to get you the best price for you needs and your company please contact us.

Do my subcontractors have to pay anything?

No. There is not cost for your subcontractors to use the software.

We already have an accounting software. Why do we need this?

Construction accounting software is great for managing your data inside your company but managing all of your subcontractors is a huge task itself. Flashtract is here to empower your accounting software to work better with people outside of accounting.