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Generate and submit billing packets and payment applications to your clients on-time and accurately.

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Payment application cover sheet and schedule of values continuation sheet
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Subcontractors with outstanding payment applications, lien waivers, and compliance documents.
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Every month is the same story. Stress in ▸ billing out.

Which client has which requirements?
When every one of your customers' wants their pay app and lien waiver submitted differently, it can be hard to track it all.
Carefully performing math calculations
Every calculation must be correct, but there is a lot to check - and every client seems to do it differently.
Checking for lien waivers
Who requires a lien waiver? Which state is it in? Did I submit an unconditional last time? Keeping up with the paperwork can be overwhelming.
Tracking who has paid. What is overdue?
Sending the billing packet out and getting it approved is only half the battle. Then you have to hassle them for payment.

Join 1000s of other contractors and put your process on autopilot

Our network of general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers,  owners, and developers connects people, information and capital on construction projects.

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Upload your clients' requirements and our team will help you get all of the fields mapped to your templates.


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Generate and sign your billing packet before sending it to your client automatically.

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Pay app, lien waiver, insurance billing requirements for subcontractors

We already have the documents for popular general contractors.

Thousands of general contractors are already using Flashtract. Our construction billing network makes it easier and faster than ever to communicate with your clients.

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How much time can this save me?

Most of our customers are losing around 30 minutes per payment application before Flashtract. Once using the software this gets cut down to about 5 minutes per payment application including the lien waivers.

Will my general contractors use this?

Many already do but they don't need to. Your files will be sent through email, from you, with your documents as an attachment.

My client requires a signature and notary. Will they accept this?

Yes! Our software meets the same standards as Docusign and offers electronic notary. Electronic signatures and notary is actually more secure than traditional because we are able to store much more information about the signature. More information here.

I was invited by my client to use this software. Do I have to pay anything?

No! If you were invited via email there is no cost to you.

We already have an accounting software. Why do we need this?

Construction accounting software is great for managing your data inside your company but managing all of your subcontractors is a huge task itself. Flashtract is here to empower your accounting software to work better with people outside of accounting.