Flashtract for Finance teams

Access the data you need to manage financials, mitigate risk, and forecast with confidence

Disconnected systems, clunky interfaces, and manual processes are creating financial and operational blind spots.

Flashtract provides your business with a single source of truth so that you can focus on building, not billing.

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Payment application cover sheet and schedule of values continuation sheet
payment applications approved this period dashboard item
Subcontractors with outstanding payment applications, lien waivers, and compliance documents.
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Streamline your financial management

Flashtract provides access to the accurate, real-time information you need to analyze and report on the financial health of the organization, with simple-to-use reporting that speeds up the process.
Connected data, connected teams
Maintain real-time project data with a continuous flow of information between your project team, back-office, and management
Deliver insights
Monitor current and future cash positions to offer financial perspective on business initiatives and provide informed analysis to drive profits and growth
Control cash flow
Avoid errors that result in overpayments and penalties across your operation that reduce revenue and affect established vendor relationships.
“Before Flashtract we tried Procore's sub-invoicing module before abandoning the initiative. We had difficulties with subcontractor adoption and had to piece together a complete solution using multiple add-ons from the Procore marketplace.

We have since adopted Flashtract which has been a huge time saver for our accounting and operations team. We have received great feedback from our subcontractors and the integration with Procore is seamless.”
Jeremy Bolling

CFO at Conger Construction Group

Reporting & Dashboards

Find savings and improvements from greater insights

Support your business decisions with reports and analytics delivered to you when and how you want them.

Automate the transfer of critical financial data between Flashtract and the accounting and planning systems you use today

Full visibility into compliance and payment status means you can identify and fix potential issues before they become problems.

Identify cost savings  and opportunities with reporting and analytics aggregated across project portfolios

A diagram showing how realtime profits can increase with flashtract's construction billing network and software
Pay app, lien waiver, insurance billing requirements for subcontractors
Unlock Your Team's Potential

Leave time-wasting processes behind

Increase your team's efficiency and time when you automate your invoice, billing, and payment processes. Accelerate invoice review and payment application generation with highly configurable and secure approval workflows

Empower your team to do more with less, and discover days’ worth of saved time.

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maximize productivity

Mitigate risk, reduce errors, and improve efficiency

Strengthen financial controls with simplified billing and invoice processes, on-time payments, and automated compliance tracking.

Ensure payment accuracy and reduce late payment risk by eliminating inefficient manual processes and human errors.

Reduce risk with automated compliance workflows, secure document and lien waiver collection, and centralized tracking.

Pay your subcontractors faster with electronic payments while mitigating risk and managing lien waiver and compliance requirements.


Flashtract Platform

Sub Invoice Management

Mitigate risk of missing or incorrect documentation

Issue and pay invoices in just a few clicks. Automatically generated documents take the guesswork out of billing.

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Gain visibility into the status of every invoice for a given period

No more “missing” invoices in inboxes. See a global picture across your organization for where action is needed.

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Stop chasing, collect accurate lien waivers automatically

Never have a missing lien waiver, enforce lien waivers to be submitted with every pay app.

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