Lower Tier Management

Track lower tier vendors and eliminate lien risk on your project

Manually keeping up with lower tier vendors,  knowing if they got paid, and collecting lien waivers is risky and time-consuming for your team. Put lower tier risk management on autopilot.

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Automate your lower tier tracking

Mitigate lien risk on your project and save your team countless hours that they spend tracking who is on the job, what they are getting paid, and what waivers are needed this month.

Gain insight into lower tier vendors

Subcontractors list vendors during project setup and keep information updated as the job progresses.

Collect payments values

Require subcontractors to enter how much they owe each vendor to ensure they are getting paid.

Track notices and generate sworn statements

Automatically generate sworn statements based on payment values and easily track notices.

Enforce lien waiver collection

Subcontractors are required to provide lower tier waivers based on your rules when you need them.

Flashtract has completely eliminated calculation errors on pay apps, missing lien waivers, trailing expired compliance documents, and more. Best of all, it integrates directly into our Procore system, and it only took an hour to set up.
Julie Polhamus

Accounting Manager  at  HB Construction


Gain visibility

Require subcontractors to provide vendor lists before they can invoice you. Prevent subcontractors from manipulating lower tier information and communicate efficiently on a shared platform.

Enforce vendors to be listed at start of the job.

Track notices across projects and vendors.

View lower tier contract amounts to uncover high risk vendors.

Pay app, lien waiver, insurance billing requirements for subcontractors

Streamline tracking

Easily track contract amounts, payment due values, and remaining balances across all your lower tier vendors.

Payment due values are calculated every month.

Sworn statements, affidavits, and vendor lists auto-populated from lower tier information.

Update lower tier information in real time.


Risk mitigation

Ensure all your lower tier vendors are getting paid by collecting lien waivers so your company stays protected.

Enforce lower tier lien waiver collection.

Be alerted when vendors get added to a project.

Gain insight into potential payment disputes before its to late.

A diagram showing how realtime profits can increase with flashtract's construction billing network and software


liens prevented on projects


less time spent tracking lower tier activities


less emails and phone calls to subs


Flashtract Platform


Gain visibility into the status of every invoice for a given period

No more “missing” invoices in inboxes. See a global picture across your organization for where action is needed.

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Compliance management

Collect, track and manage compliance with ease

Automatically track compliance statuses. Force compliance on your 1st-tier and 2nd-tier subcontractors and vendors.

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SUb Invoice Management

Mitigate the risk of missing or incorrect documentation

Reduce rework on invoices by letting the software scan for mistakes, so you can focus on the big picture.

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