Reduce payment risk, while making them faster and easier

Where do these payments stand? Are we ready to pay? Is this email with new banking info real? Eliminate all of these risks in an easy to use payments dashboard.

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Don't let billing delays turn into building delays

Streamline invoice management to pay and get paid faster, improve project and company cash flow, and build better relationships with accurate and transparent payments.

Stop fraud in it’s tracks

Managing your subcontractors payment information in a spreadsheet and getting updates over email is asking for trouble.

Keep your systems in sync

Use our powerful integrations to make sure that payment data is always accurate.

Optimize cash flow

Make sure that you are getting the most out of your cashflow while keeping your vendors and trade partners happy.

Get unconditional lien waivers instantly with zero-hassle

The Vault for unconditionals makes sure your payments legally in-compliance and reduces your lien risk.

Before Flashtract we tried the Procore subcontractor invoicing module on several jobs before abandoning the initiative. We had difficulties with subcontractor adoption and had to piece together a complete solution using multiple add-ons from the Procore marketplace.

We have since adopted Flashtract which has been a huge time saver for our accounting and operations team. We have received great feedback from our subcontractors and the integration with Procore is seamless
Jeremey Bolling

CFO at Conger Construction Group


Simplify your payments workflow

Managing holds, checking insurance, collecting unconditional waivers... then printing, signing, stuffing, and sending checks - or sending ACH is a huge time commitment. Do it with a click of a button with the Payment Management module.

Automatically collect unconditional waivers and check compliance statuses.

Manage all payable information in one dashboard.

Integrate with accounting to gain real-time insight into the status of progress payments.

Pay app, lien waiver, insurance billing requirements for subcontractors
A digram showing how the Flashtract communication cycle works with GCs, subs, field staff and office staff
mitigate risk

Stop fraud

Construction is the #1 most targeted industry for payment fraud. Don’t become a statistic.

Securely manage subcontractor and vendor payment information.

Eliminate risky, and expensive, paper-checks.

Keep track of exactly when and where payments are delivered.

increase PROFIT

Optimize cash flow

Cashflow can be an opportunity or a risk. Make sure that you are managing it correctly and taking optimizing it to increase your profitability.

Send payments at the optimal times for disbursement.

Capture early payment discounts.

Know which subcontractors or vendors accept which payment methods.

A diagram showing how realtime profits can increase with flashtract's construction billing network and software


improved project cost tracking


more accurate forecasts


reduction in rework


Flashtract Platform

Sub Invoice Management

Mitigate the risk of missing or incorrect documentation

Reduce rework on invoices by letting the software scan for mistakes, so you can focus on the big picture.

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PAYMENT Management

Gain visibility into the status of every invoice for a given period

No more “missing” invoices in inboxes. See a global picture across your organization for where action is needed.

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Compliance management

Collect, track and manage compliance with ease

Automatically track compliance statuses. Force compliance on your 1st-tier and 2nd-tier subcontractors and vendors.

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