Get real-time insights across your business

Knowing which subcontractors are in compliance, which team members are holding up approvals, and where your costs stand in real-time can be challenging. We can help.

Ditching emails and spreadsheets get you actionable insights that help you mange your business

Knowing who billed, who hasn't billed, who is not compliant, who needs to approve what, and when something was approved is a daunting task. Get a global view across your projects and company in seconds to make better decisions.

Find out who is not compliant in seconds

Check compliance statuses across jobs and vendors. Quickly see who has fallen out of compliance to take action now.

See who is sitting on a pending invoice

No more “missing” invoices in inboxes. See a global picture across your organization for where action is needed.

Gain insight into job costs faster than ever before

Stop waiting until next month to figure out your job costs. Get real-time data that is easy to understand.

Put out fires before they even start

Be alerted to risks across your company and take action before it becomes a real problem.

The integration between Flashtract and Procore has proven to be a huge asset in our workflow. Gone are the days of having a trade partner call asking why a change order is unavailable to be billed against, just to realize you forgot to put it in Flashtract. The integration has made our lives easier, tracking approved contracts and ensuring our trade partners can bill accurately and on time.
Ben McDougald

Operations Manager at Radar McCary


Gain visibility

Staying on top of what has been submitted and what is still missing is challenging. Say goodbye to searching through emails and spreadsheets.

Know the status of every invoice across your organization.

See which vendors are not compliant.

View payment and lien waiver statuses in seconds.


Smarter decision making

Piecing together data from disparate systems and not knowing where your real problems lie can cause challenges when making decisions.

Predict project costs before they hit your accounting system.

Have insight into who is holding up the process with invoice analytics.

Pinpoint potential bottlenecks in your process.


Uncover risks

Free your people from being information chasers and process pushers. Streamline communication across billing stakeholders to drive accountability and improve invoice turnaround time.

Increase financial controls.

Customize invoice approval workflow templates.

Automate invoice approvals with conditional logic thresholds in place.

10+ hours

saved per month on compliance tracking

5 days

sooner access to job costs


reduction in status update emails


Flashtract Platform

Payments Management

Gain visibility into the status of every invoice for a given period

No more “missing” invoices in inboxes. See a global picture across your organization for where action is needed.

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Stop chasing, collect accurate lien waivers automatically

Never have a missing lien waiver. Enforce lien waivers to be submitted with every payment application.

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SUB INVOICE Management

Mitigate the risk of missing or incorrect documentation

Reduce rework on invoices by letting the software scan for mistakes, so you can focus on the big picture.

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Many contractors are struggling with late payments and unpaid invoices due to the lengthy wait time. Contractors who use automatic payment reminders enjoy significant savings in terms of time and money.

Customer Highlight

At Flashtract, we had the privilege of visiting our friends at The Albert M. Higley Company in Cleveland, Ohio to check in with their progress and how they liked our software.