2022 Flashtract Feature Releases

Let's take a look at Flashtract's features from 2022!
Lauren Pesola
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Happy New Year! 🎉

We don’t know about you, but we’ve had an extremely productive and busy year here at Flashtract. We’ve made 9 major software changes this year to give our users powerful features, and of course we’re always improving our interface based on feedback from our experts and users. We’re excited to share these features whenever they come out, and we’re likewise proud of our accomplishments this year. 

Let’s take a look at our most major updates from 2022!

#1 Unconditional Lien Waiver Management

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Identify Document StatusEasily Access filesRequest signaturesAvoid time consuming errors

First thing last year, Flashtract released one of our first major updates, the ability to control unconditional lien waivers. Flashtract users could easily see the status of any unconditional lien waivers, create new ones, and send signature requests all from Flashtract. This new feature gave users more control over their lien waiver process. It centralized these documents into one app, improved transparency as far as which documents were collected (or not), and expedited signature requests for these waivers. 

#2 Viewpoint Vista Integration

One new flashtract feature released in 2022 was the viewpoint vista integration

In spring of 2022, we released a seamless Viewpoint Vista integration with our own software. Flashtract frequently works alongside major ERP and accounting software providers to give our clients the best user experience possible, and we were excited to be able to offer this integration. Users could cut down between double data entry and quickly import and export important data between the two apps. 

#3 E-notary Features

E-notaries in flashtract are easier than ever with quick ways to send, sign and receive documents

Additionally in Spring of 2022, we also released e-notary features for Flash Specialty. This feature addition for Specialty users allows them to easily and quickly generate documents for signing as well as sending and tracking them. With just a few clicks, Specialty users could automatically generate notarization for various forms and invoices, as well as send them, in just a few clicks. The recipient would also see an easy and secure interface for adding their signature and returning the packet, streamlining the whole process and ensuring all documents stay in one easy-to-find spot. 

#4 More Robust Subcontractor & Supplier Tracking

After working in or alongside the construction industry, you realize quickly that there are many layers and moving parts to making commercial projects successful. To enable and empower our users with multiple tiers of subcontractors and suppliers, Flashtract broadened its features for second tier (and beyond) contractors. Subcontractors could add any of their own subcontractors or suppliers into Flashtract, and we also allowed these prime subs to create notices of furnishing, progress waivers and final waivers. 

#5 Electronic Payments

Payments can be a hassle, difficult to track and easy to make errors on when handled manually or in a decentralized way. In the fall of 2022, Flashtract introduced ACH payments to help combat the inefficiencies of the payment process. General contractors are able to pay their subcontractors directly through Flashtract in the tap of a few buttons, ensuring that projects continue to run smoothly. 

#6 Sage 300 Integration Updates

Sage 300 CRE is a popular ERP software, and Flashtract is proud to be a partner with Sage 300

Manual data entry is the bane of any office team, much less having to do the same thing twice. Flashtract updated some of its core functionality around our official integration with Sage 300 to cut out even more time-consuming parts of the process. Users of our integration could choose to automatically transfer their Sage 300 data in just the touch of a button, or even opt to only import certain projects of pieces of data from Sage (and vice versa). You can learn more about Flashtract's integrations here.

#7 Billing Requirement Templates

In the winter, we took our goal of automating your construction billing process one step further. Companies could now create premade settings on a company-wide level, and apply those templates to existing or new projects in just the click of a button. Being able to set what documents are needed, and other compliance requirements for each project saves office teams tons of time, rather than having to manually set up these requirements for each and every project (or manually add new subcontractors to these baselines). You can view how these requirements work and learn more about this feature here

#8 Two-factor authentication

We’re living in an age of digital warfare, where phishing and scams are at an all-time high. With increasing functionality for larger projects and our earlier ACH release, it was time to improve Flashtract’s own security measures. Now users can enable 2FA for their account.

#9 Add user to all projects 

This is our latest feature release! By popular request, there is now a feature that allows administrators to add specific users to all projects, rather than having to invite or give them access one-by-one.

#10 Continuous interface upgrades 

We’re not afraid to say it! We’re pretty sure we have one of the nicest looking and easiest to use apps in the construction industry. Flashtract is modern and sleek, but most importantly we strive to make our software user friendly, so that our features and capabilities are simple for even first-time users to understand. Continuous updates through the year mean that we can create a software that is intuitive and modern without sacrificing usability.

And more to come! 

Our team took some hard earned rest over the holidays, and we’re already gearing up for our next release, so keep your eye out for it! If you want to get news on feature releases or other Flashtract updates, feel free to input your email address below, and we’ll send you updates and industry news from time to time. 

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