Feature Spotlight: Procore Integration

Take control of your construction projects with the power of Procore and Flashtract construction billing software.
Lauren Pesola
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Using Construction Software to its Full Potential

Whether you're a first time user, or an existing client of Procore or Flashtract, you already know how much construction software can help your business. More and more businesses are investing in ERP software and billing software. Organizing projects and generating documents in specialized apps saves time and money. However, using multiple specialized programs can result in unique issues.The most common complaint when businesses use two applications to run their business, is that those two programs don't talk to each other. Employees may have to manually transfer data. Manually having to enter the same data twice can be time consuming, and may even lead to errors or miscommunication.Luckily, Flashtract and Procore users don't have to worry about that. Procore users can now take advantage of Flashtract's construction billing software without needed to worry about transferring information. Similarly, if Flashtract users were considering using Procore for project management, that process is now even easier.

What information moves between Procore & Flashtract?

Integrate Flashtract & Procore Seamlessly

Flashtract's integration with Procore moves all major billing-related features between both programs. Users can update projects, change orders, vendor info and more when they choose to import or export data. This means that projects in Procore or in Flashtract will reflect changes between the two applications with just a few clicks.

How to use the integration

Importing Procore Data to Flashtract


  • Navigate to the integrations tab
  • Select the "Start Import" button under Procore
  • Select what kind of data you would like to import
  • Select Subcontracts, Commitment COs, & Project Vendors
  • Review your selections
  • Select "Import"
  • You're all done!

Exporting from Flashtract to Procore


  • Navigate to the integrations tab
  • Select the "Start Export" button under Procore
  • Select what Approved invoices you want to send to Procore
  • Select "Export"
  • You're all done!

Construction Office Employees Can Complete AIA G702 or AIA G703 forms quickly with Flashtract.

The Power of Procore and Flashtract Combined

Procore and Flashtract are providing billing and project management solutions for the construction industry. Combine the power of Procore's construction management software with Flashtract's billing point solutions.While Procore covers projects and organization, Flashtract specialized in billing solutions. We make lien waivers, change orders and more a matter of a few clicks, instead of a few hours.Curious about our software? Click here to request a demo.

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