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AIA & AIA-Style Documents FAQ

Flashtract has collected some of our most frequently asked questions regarding AIA-style documents.
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Common Questions About AIA Style Documents

At Flashtract, we're frequently answering questions about every part of the construction billing and pay application process. Some of the most frequently asked questions we get are about AIA-style billing. AIA Documents are some of the most frequently used in large commercial construction projects. However, for new owners and contractors, getting started is daunting. There are many forms issued by the American Institute of Architects. As a result it isn't always easy to tell what they are for or when to use them.We've collected some of our most frequently asked questions regarding AIA-style documents.

AIA-style Documents Basics:

What are AIA documents?

AIA Documents are a standardized form of construction billing and documentation.

What is an AIA Contract? / What is AIA Billing?

An AIA Contract is a contract that uses AIA documents explicitly. The contract may also stipulate the use of AIA documents for the rest of the project.

AIA Billing is the set of AIA documents that pertain to the exchange of payments and costs.

Are AIA Documents Free?

No, there is an associated cost with AIA contract documents. You can purchase a single document or unlimited one-year access. Take a look at the pricing.

What does AIA Stand for?

AIA stands for the "American Institute of Architects."

How much is AIA membership?

AIA membership varies depending on what sort of professional you are. New college graduates can join the AIA for free. Allied professionals (not Architects) pay around $400. Professional architects will have different membership costs depending on the type of business and location. For example, a for-profit architecture business in Atlanta, Georgia, will pay $801 per year. You can calculate your AIA dues here.

**Keep in mind an AIA membership does not grant you free access to AIA documents.

How do I get an AIA Document? / How to Create an AIA File

You can get official AIA documents at However, many other programs, including Flashtract, will also generate an AIA-styled document for you.

Specific Documents

What is a stipulated sum in AIA contracts?

A stipulated sum contract is also called a lump sum contract. This contract type means that all parties agree on a lump sum that the contractor will receive at the project's start. Essentially, this puts all risk onto the contractor.

AIA G701

What is an AIA Form G701? / What is an AIA Change Order Form?

An AIA G701 is an AIA-style Change Order document. It is used on AIA-style projects when a change to the original contract is required.

How do I fill out an AIA G701? offers PDF downloads of official AIA Documents. However, using a PDF doesn't prevent errors or lost documents. Using a pay application service like Flashtract can be much easier in the long run.

Are Change Orders part of AIA Contract Documents

Yes. Change orders are an integral part of any official AIA or AIA-style contract documentation. Any time that a contract changes, contractors must record those changes via change orders. The AIA-style document used for change orders is the AIA G701.

AIA G702

What is an AIA Form G702?

An AIA G702, also called a Pay Application, is used when a contractor applies for progress payments to a project owner. The G702 shows:

  • baseline identifying information
  • how much money is being requested

How do I fill out an AIA G702?

As with other AIA documents, you can find the AIA G702 officially on However, if your contract only stipulates AIA-style documents, you can use pay application software like Flashtract to automate the generation of these documents.

What is payment certification?

Payment certification is the end of the Pay Application process, in which the person paying certifies that they have paid the money they owe. Certification only happens after the p1ay application is approved.

AIA G703

What is an AIA Form G703?

The AIA G703 goes hand-in-hand with the AIA G702. An AIA G703 is the AIA document for a schedule of values. A "Schedule of Values" shows when contractors should finish a certain percentage of a project and how much that part of the project is worth monetarily.

How do I fill out an AIA G703?

For a fee, you can download the official AIA G703 here. However, if your contract only requests AIA-style documents, it can be much easier to automate and generate them using construction billing software like Flashtract.

What is an AIA Schedule of Values?

An AIA Schedule of values shows when contractors should finish a certain amount of work. It shows things like estimated completion dates, as well as the monetary value of that work. You must use a Schedule of Values when sending pay applications or change orders.

How do I fill out an AIA Schedule of Values?

The official AIA website offers PDFs for download- for a fee. The easiest way to fill out a schedule of values is through construction billing software. Flashtract automates most parts of the pay application process with custom workflows and integrations with existing ERP and accounting software.

Construction Worker on the Phone Discussing AIA Documents

Still looking for more help with AIA-style documents?

Whether you're a pro or new to the industry, it's best to start making sure your billing process is efficient and accurate. Learn how to generate custom billing documents in just a few clicks when you book a demo with Flashtract.

"AIA”, “The American Institute of Architects®” and the AIA emblem are registered trademarks owned by the American Institute of Architects. They are not affiliated with Flashtract.

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