Feature Spotlight: Flashtract x Procore Integration

Let's talk our Procore Integration. Ready to learn how you can finish up construction billing with no errors- just in a few minutes?
Lauren Pesola
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Enhancing User Experience for Sage 300 CRE

Let's talk our Procore Integration. Procore is obviously one of the most extensive ERP systems, and it's critical for office teams to be able to use Procore in seamless conjunction with their other tools. Our partnership and Integration with Procore enables this. Users can quickly move jobs, commitments, vendors, invoices, and more. Customers can keep pay applications, lien waivers, and change orders in one cloud-based location. Furthermore, users can transfer data between Sage's powerful ERP software and Flashtract's point-system solutions. Our integration is also available through the Procore Marketplace for ease of access to existing Procore users.

What does this mean for Flashtract and Sage 300 Users?

A simple graphic highlighting that Flashtract & Procore eliminate errors, enable real-time communication, help you control approvals, and automatically transfer data between the two programs.

We've worked hard to build out several core features between the two software systems. The features of the Sage 300 and Flashtract integrations include:

  • Seamless, automatic transfer of data between Flashtract and Sage 300
  • Transfer of Jobs, Commitments, Commitment Change Orders, AP Vendors, and AP invoices.
  • Move data from Sage to the Flashtract counterparts and vice-versa.
  • Approved Subcontractor Invoices within Flashtract will now also update AP Invoices within Sage as they are accepted.
  • Flashtract provides the leading subcontractor experience, boasting a 100% adoption rate among Subcontractors.
  • Eliminate costly and wasteful paper processes through cloud storage.
  • Find all your digital documents in one place.

Working Towards the Future

Both Sage & Flashtract are always hard at work innovating towards new solutions. Several years ago, most construction businesses and management did not use the Cloud. These days, almost all construction companies are using or considering integrating Cloud software. "Construction is an exciting industry that's full of innovation, and we're excited to be part of the digital transformation that's driving efficiencies and improvements in the back office." Shahrukh Arif, Head of Product at Flashtract, said. Shahrukh orchestrated and assisted in the development of this integration.

Employees can quickly work in both Procore and Flashtract to accurately complete and distribute billing documents

The Power of Point Solutions

But as most companies know, it's not easy to find one program or application that does it all. That's where point solutions like Flashtract come in. "It's those point systems that are continuing to evolve in the market that in many cases may have deeper functionality than some of the ERPs. And products like Flashtract are an example of that." Dennis Stejskal, Director of Construction and Real Estate at Sage, said. "This verticalization in this driving of point systems just continues to drive the need for interoperability, the need to let these systems talk to each other." Large companies like Sage can focus on broad brushstrokes and meeting general needs. With integration capability, they don't have to worry about building out specialized software for themselves. Additionally, powerful integrations give customers flexibility and specialization. Perhaps most importantly- customers can choose what they want in their software.

Why integrate?

The problem lies when multiple cloud-based programs don't work together. Suddenly, companies are having to transfer data between programs manually. Or they may be spending lots of money to build custom integrations. Rather than be one more program that your company has to juggle, Flashtract is hard at work integrating with some of the largest ERP and accounting software services. We're thrilled to work alongside Sage to ensure that all construction businesses have access to the functionality they need. Please take a look at our other integrations or schedule a demo today!

About the Companies

About Flashtract: Flashtract is the fastest-growing billing solution in construction, simplifying payment applications for general contractors and subcontractors, eliminating payment delays and profit losses. Flashtract is explicitly built for construction and works alongside contractors' existing technologies like accounting programs, ERP systems, and project management tools.

About Sage: Sage is the global market leader for technology that helps small and medium businesses perform at their best. Millions of customers trust Sage worldwide to deliver the best cloud technology and support our partners to manage finances, operations, and people. Sage believes in doing everything it can to help people. The combined efforts of 13,000 Sage colleagues working with businesses and communities make a real difference to the world.

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