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Flashtract Customer Highlight Rives Construction

Blair Chenault
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Earlier this year, we had the privilege of visiting one of our favorite customers, Rives Construction in Birmingham, Alabama. Rives has been in business since 1930, and works on an array of project types in the southeast and beyond. Of course we took all the proper precautions with masks and distancing, and had a great time learning from them and hearing more about their experience with Flashtract and construction technology overall.

Jimmy Brown and Drake Babis,  Controller and a Project Manager respectively at Rives, answered a lot of questions we had about construction technology. We took away two key points.

Construction technology is only as good as the support that’s included.

A big reason general contractors shy away from new technology is because of the perception that most offerings are going to be a hassle. For a software to be genuinely valuable, it needs to be fully supported. That support should cover the internal team, in addition to vendors and subcontractors that will need to use it as well. Having multiple ways to connect with that support is important. Having resources available on demand keeps the internal team moving efficiently while preventing them from having to play a support role with their vendors and subcontractors. Which presented our second takeaway.

Time is the most valuable commodity in a construction office.  

Contractors have to deliver quality on time to their customers, and they expect the same from the technology with use. Construction technology is supposed to make things easier and more efficient. If it doesn’t, general contractors are not going to burden their teams with learning how to use it. That takes valuable time away from active jobs, and focusing on their mission of building. Whether it’s streamlining communication between different internal teams, completing job tasks faster, or simply keeping the office more organized, it has to be better and faster than it was before the tech was introduced.

At Flashtract, the above mentioned takeaways are at our core. We’ve built an easy to use, cloud-based, billing document management system that streamlines pay applications, lien waivers, change orders and more. Keeping customers focused on building, not billing. We offer full implementation and support to every user, and boast a 100% subcontractor adoption rate. To learn more about how your office could benefit from Flashtract, contact us to set up a free 20 minute demonstration.  

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