New Feature Release: Billing Requirements Templates

Billing Requirement Templates for Flash Prime and Flash Specialty users have been released! 🎉
Blair Chenault
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Billing Requirements Templates have been released for Flash Prime & Flash Speciality! In this blog, we'll talk about the specifics of how this new feature works.

New Feature Release: Billing Requirements Templates

Billing requirement templates in a nutshell do the following:

  • Create company-wide presets for project and contract billing requirements
  • Apply those templates to any project of your choice
  • Automatically apply rules to existing and any additional contracts

Why does this matter?

General contractors typically need to collect the same group of documents for all subcontractors on a given project. For example, they frequently need to collect AIA-style Pay Apps, Partial Waivers, Final Waivers, and Stored Material photos. It’s rare that these requirements change on a subcontractor by subcontractor basis. However, tracking and collecting these documents can be a laborious and lengthy process in which a slight miscommunication can have cascading effects. There is a lot of unnecessary repetitive date entry, and frequently requirements may not be collected correctly by either party.

Likewise, most specialty subcontractors work with a core group of GCs, with occasional additions. This means as a sub, you are most likely doing multiple projects with the same general contractor. These GCs frequently require the same documents time and again. Keeping organized with paperwork and keeping track of which projects have had what paperwork submitted can be confusing and lead to frequent errors or miscommunications.

To combat these issues for subs and GCs, Flashtract developed the ability to create Billing Requirements Templates. These templates allow Flash Prime & Flash Specialty customers to create groups of billing requirements that are commonly used on their projects. This ensures that the correct requirements are collected across all contracts, no matter how or when that contract is added to Flashtract. If you are curious about how this looks in action, schedule a demo and we’ll show you how it works!

How does this feature improve your construction billing processes?

Automates Workflows:

This is a “set it and forget it” feature. Build your billing requirement templates once, then easily apply those to a project with the click of a button. Once a template is applied, all contracts created on the project will have the correct requirements regardless of when or how the contracts come into Flashtract.

Ensures accuracy & completeness:

Always feel confident that each invoice submitted through Flashtract will:

  1. Have the correct billing requirements attached to it
  2. Generate the billing requirements at the right time (first bill, every bill, last bill, etc)

Ease of Implementation

Set up your templates once then never do it again. Work with Flashtract Success to create your first templates and feel confident that the correct billing requirements will be collected for your projects.

Enables Flexibility:

Flashtract’s billing requirement templates can support any kind of billing requirement that fits within Flashtract’s rule framework (which is most!). Create as many or as few templates as you want.

How does it work?

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