Stand Out from Other Subcontractors

Subcontractors that build a record of reliable project schedules, careful documentation, and seamless project management are likely to get noticed during a bidding war. Consider how these adjustments can help you stand out as a subcontractor and reach your bidding success goals.
Ben Conry
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A contract bid submission takes considerable time and effort to prepare. Yet, even if you utilize all your resources to create a winning submission, there's no guarantee that your competition won't outshine you. So, how can you avoid wasting your resources and prove yourself in a way that makes you more likely to win those bids? You need a way to stand out from the crowd.

Even in the midst of an industry-wide labor shortage, there's fierce competition when it comes to winning high-quality construction jobs. Whether you want to grow your company or simply improve your bidding practices, finding ways to stand out from the competition can improve your relationships with general contractors and make your business look more appealing to customers.

6 Ways to Stand out from Other Subcontractors

The fact that construction work follows a unique set of regulations can make uniqueness seem impossible. Yet, for subcontractors, standing out to GCs and customers could be much more about the way you work than the finished product.

Subcontractors that build a record of reliable project schedules, careful documentation, and seamless project management are likely to get noticed during a bidding war. Consider how these adjustments can help you stand out as a subcontractor and reach your bidding success goals.

Bid Selectively

Firstly, preparing a bid takes time and effort. General contractors know this and can see when you're taking on more than you can handle. When you submit a bid for every project on the horizon, the quality of your team's work will suffer. GCs don't want distracted subcontractors in a rush to get to the next project.

By focusing on jobs where you can excel, you'll have a better opportunity to build a solid reputation. Accordingly, you'll be remembered in a positive light during the next bidding opportunity.

Build Your Communication Skills

Likewise, creating a strong network is key to building a solid reputation as a subcontractor. Your relationships with suppliers, construction managers, and architects will make you recognizable in the industry. If you're new to an area or looking for a way to grow your business, getting your foot in the door may feel like an insurmountable challenge.

However, there are many ways to make your presence and skills known. You can build relationships by attending networking events. During these, formally introduce yourself to companies you'd like to work with. However, while face-to-face meetings are crucial to building your reputation, don't neglect the power of making connections online.

Local companies with websites and social media profiles are more likely to promote a professional appearance and become more easily visible.

Invest in Technology

Tech was slow to be recognized as a useful tool in the industry. However, it is becoming widely utilized across all types of construction job sites. In fact, technology designed for the construction industry can improve subcontractor performance. Without it, you may even appear unsophisticated in comparison to your competitors.

If you're not familiar with construction technology, you may be wondering how it can help you improve your work process. Certainly, different types of technology can streamline your processes, reduce human error, and improve communication. Consider the way these technological benefits can help you stand out from your competitors.

  • Increased productivity that can lead to lower bids
  • Improved communication with vendors, teams, and general contractors
  • Reduced human error
  • Improved security
  • Built-in compliance documentation
  • Simplified pay apps and change orders

Build a Dependable Team

A contractor and subcontractor discussing construction retention payment terms

Rapid turnover is a problem in any industry. Unfortunately, training new hires increases costs and can lead to errors. Additionally, demotivated and fractured teams struggle to work together. If you frequently have to find new workers, you'll lose the opportunity to build a team that communicates well. Examining your processes and technology can help identify areas of improvement in your business.

To summarize, you can streamline your work experience by eliminating employee conflicts and diminishing complications. When your employees are happy, they become a dependable team that garners a reputation that speaks for itself.

Create an Effective Documentation Process

From pay apps to change orders, paperwork is a necessary evil in the construction business. For example, when purchase orders, pay apps, and change orders require approval, the documents have to change hands repeatedly. Unfortunately this means they are frequently delayed during the long process.

By utilizing construction billing software, you can standardize these documents. This software generates up-to-date billing reports, and sends billing reminders.  With it, you can avoid the chaotic, lengthy process associated with pay applications and lien waivers. Your team saves time filling out documents in just a few clicks. A simpler process helps save your team time and avoid costly errors.

Maintain a Professional Image

Subcontractors must find ways to interact professionally with many people. While conflicts may be rare, you can guarantee that issues will arise from time to time. Maintaining a professional image as a subcontracting company can be accomplished through different behaviors and outlets. 

Crucially, practicing professional behavior at all times, you can project a professional image to prospective business partners. Professional behavior is generally characterized by a willingness to communicate, a calm temperament, and sound workmanship. You can illustrate these behaviors through your actions.

For example, in the age of social media, customers frequently shout out companies who have treated them well. Unfortunately, the flip-side is also true, in that when you treat your potential business partners poorly, they may publicize their side of the story. As a result, it is accordingly important to treat others with respect.

Key Takeaways

In summary, winning bids and thriving as a subcontractor requires a good work ethic and reasonable prices. However, standing out from other contractors is essential to making your presence known in the industry. Cut costs by creating a high-quality company with updated practices and tools. You can also improve your communication methods to build a stronger professional network.

Finally, standing out from other subcontractors is critical to winning bids and retaining relationships. Make sure your company is one step ahead of the competition by communicating clearly, offering high-quality work, and keeping on top of tech trends. Learn more about contractor billing software and how various construction software can be integrated into your processes to improve production and accuracy.

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