The Top 9 Project Management Solutions in 2022

Want to see what our favorite project management tools were in 2022? Curious how you can streamline your project organization? This list is just for you!
Lauren Pesola
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Project management, in general, is a pretty daunting undertaking, but construction project management is notoriously tricky. "Project management" covers organizing tasks, finances, difficulties, and schedules related to a project. As you well know, there are many moving parts in construction, so a project manager already has their hands full.

Outdated tools or a lack of software make any job more difficult. Software and integrations can help avoid needless frustrations while organizing a job. If your team is feeling the pain with disorganization, lost paperwork, lack of communication or misunderstandings- this list can make or break your project.

Please take a look at the top 10 tools we encountered through 2022 that can improve your project management!

Top 9 Project Management Software Solutions

The Procore Logo for construction project management and ERP


Procore is an all-in-one, modern software system that helps with project management. Procore features a marketplace where you can find other integrated programs if Procore alone doesn't cover your needs. Additionally, the marketplace allows you to customize your experience and only end up with needed features. Like other ERP software we recommend in this list, it was built from the ground up as a construction solution.

Autodesk Construction Cloud Logo

Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk is the standard across many industries, and construction is no different. The Construction Cloud by Autodesk is an all-in-one communication, ERP, design & building tool. Autodesk excels where you need architects, project owners, and contractors to all be on the same page. Autodesk aims to improve transparency and efficiency for all parties involved by connecting the different workflows each part of the team uses. They offer specialized solutions for almost every audience in the industry, from GCs to architects to owners.

the flashtract logo


(that's us!) 

Flashtract is a construction billing & compliance solution that integrates well with other ERP and construction software. Flashtract helps keep delays down and organize construction docs like lien waivers, compliance, payment info, and pay apps. You can easily see the status of each project in your dashboard or exchange lien waivers. Flashtract takes the guesswork and math errors out of the equation, too, with built-in calculators and automated document generation when needed.

the vista viewpoint logo

Viewpoint Vista

Viewpoint Vista is another ERP solution for construction. Vista also boasts several core features that make it easy for any sized construction business to utilize its software. Viewpoint Vista focuses on making construction projects more transparent for all parties involved with job costing tools, service management dispatching, field service solutions, and more. It even has payroll automations for multi-state, multi-company, or union work. 

the sage 300 logo

Sage 300 CRE

Sage 300 is an extremely established company in the construction industry. Formerly known as Timberline, Sage works best with commercial construction and large-scale operations. Like other ERP solutions, Sage's strength is that it boasts many flexible features, all housed in one on-site software. They deal with job costing, payroll, compliance, project management, and almost any other thing you can think of. They also offer integrations with other commonly used software tools if their robust offerings differ from the exact solution you require. It's also customizable, meaning you won't pay for features your company doesn't need.

the buildertrend logo


Buildertrend is one of the more popular software tools out there for both large-scale construction companies, as well as small businesses. Buildertrend is essentially construction-oriented pre-sales CRM software. Or in other words, it helps you keep track of customers and clients and their history with you. The "construction-oriented" part of Buildertrend has features like sending daily updates to your client via daily logs. There's also scheduling and task management, so everyone knows who is doing what. 

the coconstruct logo


Coconstruct is also a Buildertrend company, but it has a different focus. Coconstruct focuses on the project management needs of homebuilders and remodelers- a little different from the rest of the list, which services larger or commercial construction projects as the primary clientele. Coconstruct covers everything from schedule coordination to forecasts and timesheet management. It also has communication features like email marketing and automatic updates for clients.

The tenna asset tracking logo


Tenna is a must-have for companies juggling multiple projects using heavy machinery. Tenna helps managers keep track of everything from heavy equipment to tools to consumables. Tenna offers specialized solutions for companies based on what assets they need to track and manage. Their core product includes asset tracking, organization by location and project, notifications when assets leave a specific area, live view, and much more! Knowing what equipment is involved with which project will help keep miscommunications and delays at bay.

the CMiC project management logo


CMiC is the final software offering on the list. CMiC is another option for financial & project management solutions. CMiC focuses on ensuring that every department in an organization can stay synchronized and have all their needs met. They offer accurate forecasting, document organization, change management, and many other valuable solutions to common issues within the industry. CMiC also provides multiple integration options, ensuring it will work alongside other programs you may use.

What next?

Managing big projects can be a handful, even for experienced project managers. Making sure you and your team have the necessary tools can mean the difference between meeting a deadline and delaying the construction project. Rather than wasting much time with manual processes, the software we listed above can help your company save money & hassle. 

If you're curious about how Flashtract can help your team cut down on construction project delays, contact us below!

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