Albert M. Higley enhances subcontractor relationships and drives efficiency with pay app automation

Albert M. Higley is a general contractor using Flashtract to streamline subcontractor billing processes and drive efficiency across their accounting and project management teams.

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Reduced payment application processing time down from 5 days to less than 1 day

Digitization in the process eliminated errors in pay applications from subcontractors

Ability to pay subcontractors faster due to no hold-ups on missing paperwork

About Albert M. Higley

Where: Cleveland, OH

Employees: 125+

Joined Flashtract: March 2020

The Albert M. Higley Company has been around for nearly a century, and has since then completed over 11,000 projects. AM Higley Company specializes in projects for corporate, healthcare, hospitality and much more. As a large company having processed over $9 billion in construction, AMH is always striving to grow and improve their processes. They joined Flashtract to keep their processes uncomplicated, stay relevant in today’s competitive job market, and because of our top-notch customer service.

To keep up in this industry, you have to be as lean and competitive as possible. We purchased Flashtract because we couldn’t afford the manual processes with pay applications, lien waivers, and compliance documents anymore.
Mike Zelinski

Director of Finance and Adminstration, Albert M. Higley


As a large-scale general contractor, AM Higley frequently processed large volumes of billing and payment documentation. Unfortunately, they struggled with outdated processes in a company that was fighting to update their image and methodology. They wanted to provide powerful tools as they grew their employee headcount. Additionally, there were inefficiencies and issues with their old methodology, which utilized spreadsheets and non-construction based software systems. These old methods also made it difficult for leadership and administration to analyze and act on data.


A.M. Higley sought Flashtract to improve upon these inefficiencies in their old processes.

Flashtract provided a powerful solution for their accounting requirements. By generating documents as needed, the office teams could expedite processes that used to take days. With all of the documents in one easy-to-access place, rather than scattered across email inboxes, the team as a whole spent less time tracking down paperwork. Other features like in-depth reporting helped leadership quickly understand the status of projects, and built-in calculators helped cut down on math errors.


Previously, management saw many issues with incorrect data in their paperwork. With Flashtract, these errors all but disappeared. Built-in calculators, and automatically generated documents meant that accountants and owners no longer had to try and dig up the right information by hand, or track it across multiple emails, conversations, and documentation. Their team was able to cut down on the time spent filing paperwork by 60%, as they no longer had to spend time correcting errors. Additionally, they didn’t have to worry about onboarding their subcontractors to use the software. One major advantage they chose Flashtract for, was that our software is incredibly easy to set up, and we’re happy to train any employees or contractors. As a result, they were quickly able to utilize all of Flashtract’s benefits and get back to their projects.